Way to go Obama

Way to go Obama
Just stick to bailing out the banks

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

City Liquor Permit Racket

Last Saturday, only 2 bars were open after midnight. Why? Because the Dept of Revenue got backed up the Friday before and failed to issue the pieces of paper that bar owners paid for. Since they didn't have the paper to post on the wall, the inspectors said the bar owners would be fined; even if they had a receipt for payment. Sooooo! 5pts lost money that night. Columbia Sucks Ass!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Floods in 5points

The city of columbia fixed spent mucho money fixing the flood problem in 5 points a few years ago while they interrupted many businesses. As a matter of fact is was such an important project, the city ruined and caused some businesses to close down. The Parthenon restaurant to name one. Well a few weeks ago, after 5 points was under 3 feet of water, the city manager was asked why there is still a flood problem. He answered them buy saying the flood problem is fixed. However a few times a year the drain system in 5pts can not handle the amount of rainfall. So in it fixed or not genius !

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Southwest Airlines Says Columbia Sucks

Next year, Southwest Airlines will no longer fly to Columbia SC because Columbia SC Sucks Ass.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wonderful events for the month of May

   For the month of May, there are many wonderful things in this lame ass town. I would like to mention a few of them; The fifth annual Black Pride festival, the Asian heritage festival, and my favorite, the Israel Day festival! What a great town with all of these bull shit festivals. I am going to start the "You can lick my hairy balls festival"! Or maybe we can just combine all of the festivals into one big cultural gay ass fuck fest of all colors and cultures. We can have green beer, pigs feat, kosher Big Black Jewish hot dogs stuck up the gay pride walkers' asses with some Latino music, baklava , Russian goulash, and a big zukini dildo for the Vegans with their rescued greyhounds licking their twats.!

City Manager Fires Police Chief for having confidence in his officers

   The suck ass City of Columbia has fired police chief Carter because he insisted that his officers were more than capable to perform an investigation of a damn car wreck. What qualifies a city manager to hire and fire a police chief anyway. Hell, he works for city council. And we all know what idiots we have in city council.
   So its like this, we elect city council based on the who can advertise themselves and snow the public to vote them in to their positions. From there it goes to the City manager being hired, and then the police chief. This town sucks ass.
  So Columbia wants to hire a police chief that does whatever the lawyers want him to do; in this case let another agency investigate a car wreck because the newly elected mayor almost killed someone while running a red light. If I were in a wreck, or you, there would be no investigation at all. By the way, if an investigation is so important, why was it not begun at the scene? Alcohol test. Duuh !
   I say fuck the city manager and the council and the attorney general !

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wild Wing Cafe

   Go to the Wild Wing Cafe on the weekends to see the 80's bands play music for the embarrassing Cougars and "new generation Midlands pussy boys" dancing in front of the stage. You will go to the bar and order one bourbon, one scotch and one beer and realize that you live in a fucked up city full of losers that don't have a clue how bad  Columbia SC Sucks Ass !!! Happy Mothers Day ! Oh yeah, I forgot one thing...........F U !

University of South Carolina

Does anyone remember how the USC girls used to look on campus? They would put on a little make-up, fix their hair, and look good. Now you drive through campus and see a bunch of overweight slobs. Does anyone use the Strom' facility? Columbia SC Sucks Ass.

Columbia Really Sucks Ass !

I woke up today, scratched my balls, farted, pinched a loaf, looked at the full smear and thought of Columbia.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Governor's Race

I'm Voting for Pedro 'cause Columbia Sucks ASS !

What's a tip bro?

Watching a black kid with his older brother leaving the Original Pancake House at Trenholm Plaza, I couldn't help overhearing what the younger brother asked his older brother. "What is a tip" the little guy asked his brother. The older brother replied," Its when you leave 3 dollars for the waitress". The little guy said," Why would you do that?" and older brother said, " I don't know". Well Columbia, that is where it starts and it keeps on going on till they are old. My friend asked me why black people don't tip and I said," But they do ! They give 3 dollars !" So remember, if the bill is $20 or if the bill is $200, all of you servers out there are only gettin' three bucks!

Bring our babies home!

You War protesters at the state house want to "bring our babies home". Fuck that shit! In case you people didn't know, The good old USA doesn't have the draft. You don't join the army to pay for school and get fat buying koolade at Sam's Club! Get off the sidewalk at the State House and do something like read about September 11. Yes, the evil towel head is still on the FBI's top 10.

Anti-Abortion Protesters

OMG ! How about the dude with the little fetus toys! What a freekin looney tune! Where does he get these toys? He walks around with a giant necklace of dead fetuses. I think he is crazy.  He should go to the root of the problem and put a giant rubber on his head! That would get the message across! Does he get paid to do this?

3 Shootings in the Vista

   I was in the Vista tonight and it really sucked ass! USC classes are over for the Spring and graduations are this weekend. This is suck a college town its unbelievable! Between students leaving town and all of the gangster bars popping up in the Vista, Columbia will SUCK ASS this summer! What gangster bars you ask? Well ,Tabou, Ice on Park and Lady, and the shitty bar where Elite Epicurian used to be all get shut down only to have another gang member open it back up with the same name. There were 3 shootings last week! All within 3 blocks from the police station. Columbia SC Sucks ASS! The Vista sucks ass ! Down town sucks ass ! Two notch should be blown off the map!

South Carolina Schools

   I went to 3 award deals at 3 different schools. A few of them are some of the better schools in SC: Dreher, Hand, and Meadowfield (not one of the few). Who would think that SC would be one of the top schools on the shit patrol?  Hell everyone in Columbia makes the damn honor roll ! Columbia is full of geniuses! I must admit there were a few that didn't make it; they were probably Mississippi transfers.
  So here I go again with words of wisdom: Let all the gangstas kill each other off so we can get those SAT scores up!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Credit Report

Someone lost their job and missed a few payments on their house. They found a new job only to find that his credit score was not good enough for him to be hired. Thats f__ked up ! Name a company that doesn't check credit scores before hiring so I can tell the guy.

Confederate Soldiers At The State House

On Saturday, May 1st, in case you didn't notice, there were people dressed like confederate soldiers guarding the confederate flag at the state house. It was the most ridiculous display of history I have ever seen. The ladies wearing hoop skirts, the dudes in their too small uniforms, and the firing of the cannons etc makes me wonder why I live in this town. I am reminded that I am here because my wife is from here and likes it here. I must really love her because Columbia Sucks Ass ! 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Freedom From Religion Foundation

A Charleston fire station is honoring the nine firemen who died during a furniture store fire with a cross next to a memorial with the firefighter's names listed on it. There is a "Freedom From Religion Foundation" filing a law suit against the city for allowing the cross to stay up.This piece of shit foundation of people has nothing to do. They should  file a law suit towards Obama for giving the eulogy to the family members of the miner's who died recently I guess. What an awesome foundation! Maybe I should get my dog to shit on the lawyer representing the foundation. All over her face. Then the foundation can sue her for worshiping the Shit god ! Ha ha. This has nothing to do with Columbia sucking ass, even though it does. Who would like to be a member of the "My dog shits where I tell him foundation"?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Black History

SC schools dedicate a whole month to Black History. Do northern schools have anything like that? Why don't we cram some other shit down our kids throats. Next thing we are going to do is have a fucking REDNECK History month, or a come out of the closet QUEER month, or do vegans swallow? month !

Deputy Dog

My close friend was at Wal-Greens on Devine street for a few items he had to pick up. When he left, he decided to drive across the street to Bi-Lo to shop. Well a fucking Deputy Dog Pig gave him a ticket because he didn't put his seat belt on to cross the street ! Columbia SC Sucks ASS !

Jobs in Columbia

Well that about wraps it up. This town SUCKS !

SC School Awards

They give an award to the kids that don't stay home from school when they are sick! My kid was sick with pneumonia and bronchitis and missed almost 2 weeks from school so they made her go to school on Saturday 4 times. My other kid was in the hospital and missed a week of school for asthma problems, and go figure! He got the perfect attendance award. Lol. Columbia SC really Sucks ASS !

Columbia SC Music Scene

So lets talk about the music scene in Columbia SC......................Well that about wraps it up, because there is no music scene! Unless you were one of those that walked around trying to put your finger up Hootie's ass! Columbia SC Sucks ASS !

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whole in One

Some old golfers were being anal to some young slow players in a Columbia golf course so All of the young players pinched a loaf in the hole for the old men to feel when they went to grab their little old balls from their hole!


Did you know that Charlotte gives their bums a free bus ticket to Columbia SC? Columbia's Downtown has people getting mugged and panhandled leaving restaurants. Columbia Sucks ASS ! Why not bus them to Atlanta?

Monday, April 26, 2010


It means go out on the field and play with your dick ! Gamecocks suck. Columbia Sucks ASS !

Vista Guild

You can pay the Vista Guild $350 to be a member so you are allowed to give them 20% of your earnings when they have an event. That way they can pay a moron to be in charge. Columbia Sucks ASS !

Smoking In Columbia

Check this out. If you want a bar in Columbia, you can not allow smoking and you must sell food. If you want a restaurant, you can not allow smoking. If you have a bar that sells beer and wine only you can have cigar smoking but you can not sell food. You must call it a smoking lounge though. Columbia Sucks Ass !

New Restaurant in the Vista

Pearlz is a chain owned by the Liberty group. Yes another chain restaurant. Not only a chain but an oyster bar. They are opening next to our local place called The Oyster Bar on Park Street. I will Boycott and hope you do too. Not ethical to open so close like that. Good people don't do that. I'm sure the Oyster Bar will be out of business within the year because the people of Columbia will support the chain. Why? Because Columbia Sucks Ass !


My ipad is not what I wanted. I bought it for Edith and the Wi-Fi sucks ass. I hope they fix this problem or my dog is gunna shit all over Apple's grass!

Dump on her

There was a lady who called the dog catcher on a friend of mine the other day because her doggs were running around in their yard a few minutes. They were fined. I let my dog take the biggest shit in her yard that night. I hope she steps in it!

Columbia SC elected a new Mayor

Oh jeeze! Another lawyer ! Just what they need! Is he another socialist? He wants to cut the fat and hire a bunch of rookies that are underpaid. I hope he's not a pinko commie queer!